St. Helena

The pungent aroma of grapes fermenting in the air combined with the earthy smell of the approaching fall brings a small, but always delightful, harvest celebration to our enchanted hamlet. This celebration includes our loyal canines in their most wonderful splendor (in tow with their equally smashing humans) to parade and promenade down the streets of St. Helena. This fall  event marks the coming holidays with winery harvest parties, tractors and trucks zipping down the side streets, grape pickers and nocturnal gathering of vineyards workers collecting the bounty that the mild summer has presented in perfect sweetness. Harvest will be bountiful this year. Amen -WC



Bless Cort and Jim of the most lovely store, ACRES of St. Helena, for these amazing two have let me play in their sandbox with all my toys and together we've created a most delightful display I have seen in the storefront windows in St. Helena, EVER. Wit and humor abound for a mostly kitchy holiday has been turned into a smart, sassy arrangement that stops you dead in your tracks and demands your attention! Congratulations to ACRES for being brazen and going for fabulous, fabulous, fabulous! -WC
A duo of sweet shoppes opened their doors in Sonoma last week, La Brocante, It's proprietress, Diane Magee, the lovely damsel, has carefully curated her French inspired eclectic mash of home furnishing, clothing, ephemera and wonderful curious objects of desire. In another reincarnation across the hall, Kingston Ellis has reemerged with the wonderful nomadic attitude entreating the senses with longings enduced by aromas and textures that are heady and exotic, shades of Jane & Paul Bowles in the labyrinth stalls of the medinas. Whim & Caprice is so happy to be invited into this special nest of lovelies. All the best wishes to Diane and Christine. -WC

    An adventure it is INDEED!
    \St. Helena, California 2012




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